An Accessible Platform for Mobile, Multi-Agent Robotics.

The Multi-agent System for non-Holonomic Racing (MuSHR) is an open-source robotic hardware and software platform for learning and researching AI in a the setting of autonomous vehicles and mobile robotics.

Operate your own vehicle in simulation


Run the MuSHR platform on your machine!

Intro to ROS

Fundamental Robot Operating System (ROS) concepts using MuSHR.

MuSHR System Overview

Basic components of the car and their associated software counterparts.

Autonomous Navigation

Initialize and operate MuSHRs out-of-the-box autonomous navigation stack!

Multi-Agent Coordination Planner for Multi-Goal Tasks

Plan and control multiple MuSHR cars to different goals without collisions

Using SLAM for Map Building

Create custom maps with your car

Rally Chassis logo

Rally Chassis

A powerful 1/10 scale rally car chassis provides four wheel drive, brushed DC motor, and ESC suitable for most speeds (0-30 mph).

Budget Friendly logo

Budget Friendly

The base MuSHR car with no sensing has a bill-of-materials (BOM) cost of $610, while a fully equipped car costs around $930.

Simulation logo


Our ROS-based simulator let's you prototype your system without needing to turn on the robot, saving you valuable time when you do.

LiDAR logo


Integration with the YDLiDAR X4 provides a 360 degree FOV at 10hz, all in a radically economic package.

IMU logo


Learn the principles of sensor fusion or test your latest SLAM algorithm using the Razor 9dof IMU or any other of your choice.

RGBD Camera logo

RGBD Camera

MuSHR uses the Intel Realsense line of RGBD cameras to provide point clouds for tasks such as obstacle avoidance or object tracking.

Classroom Tested

We have refined the MuSHR platform through two undergraduate and two graduate robotics courses, distilling lessons learned into the V3 roboracer. From these endeavors, we offer ready-to-go labs and assignments, as well as sample curricula and slides that were well-received in the recent undergraduate level robotics course "Mobile Robots".

Winter, 2020 Undergraduate Autonomous Robots
Spring, 2019 Undergraduate Mobile Robots
Winter, 2019 Graduate Robotics: Algorithms and Applications
Autumn, 2018 Graduate Introduction to AI for Mobile Robots
Winter, 2018 Undergraduate Robotics


If you plan to use any part of the the MuSHR platform (including tutorials, codebase, or hardware instructions) for a project or paper, please cite MuSHR: A Low-Cost, Open-Source Robotic Racecar for Education and Research.

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