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The MuSHR Donation Program

The MuSHR team is providing a small number of pre-built MuSHR cars to interested parties who would otherwise not have the means of building the cars themselves, with priority given to schools, groups, and labs whose members are underrepresented in robotics and do not have the financial means to purchase a car themselves. Interested individuals or labs are encouraged to submit an application by filling out this form.

The MuSHR team is located in the Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

We want to hear from you! Get in touch about:

  • Using MuSHR for education See the course website for “Mobile Robotics” for an example.
  • A project you've done with the car.
  • Potential collaborations and research opportunities.
  • Questions you have about the platform. (Also see the Troubleshooting Tutorial).
  • Anything else which comes to mind!