Learn to use MuSHR’s capabilities

Tutorials for mastering MuSHR, from getting acquainted with the system, to mastery.

Quickstart (Legacy)

Run the MuSHR platform on your machine!

Quickstart with Foxglove

Get the MuSHR Sim working on your computer!

Intro to ROS

Fundamental Robot Operating System (ROS) concepts using MuSHR.

MuSHR System Overview

Basic components of the car and their associated software counterparts.

Noetic Robot Software Setup

Get software installed and the car running

Tuning Guide

Fine tuning car specific control parameters.

Using the RealSense Camera

Setup and launch the camera

Workflow & Troubleshooting

Techniques for devloping and troubleshooting with the cars.

Your Racecar's First ''Steps''

Get your car started and teleop running

Autonomous Navigation

Initialize and operate MuSHRs out-of-the-box autonomous navigation stack!

Multi-Agent Coordination Planner for Multi-Goal Tasks

Plan and control multiple MuSHR cars to different goals without collisions

Multi-agent Navigation System

This tutorial covers running the MuSHR multi-agent navigation stack in simulation

Using SLAM for Map Building

Create custom maps with your car

Car Pose Detection and Yolo Learning

Train a model to detect MuSHR cars.

Navigating in the MuJoCo Simulator

Execute a plan/trajectory in the MuJoCo simulator.

MuJoCo Simulation

Run a MuSHR simulation with the MuJoCo physics engine.

Applying Deep Learning to Autonomous Driving

A basic tutorial on using Imitation learning and Reinforcement learning for driving the MuSHR car

Autonomous Navigation (Legacy ROS Melodic)

Initialize and operate MuSHRs out-of-the-box autonomous navigation stack!

Teleoperating over Radio

Use the Bitcraze CrazyRadio dongle to teleoperate the car over radio.